Tailoring Agile for large-scale complex projects requires a thorough understanding of the scaling process and a more disciplined approach to agile development. This tailoring is brought about by Disciplined Agile (DA), an IT process decision framework that delivers sophisticated agile solutions in the enterprise by considering and working around the complexities and realities of large scale agile development.

SKTekki’s 2-day “Introduction to Disciplined Agile” – Certification Prep Workshop helps you learn the ropes of this technique and use agile methods such as Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), Lean software development, Unified Process, and Agile Modeling to effectively plan, design and implement large-scale projects. This non-technical course with ample group exercises, practical sessions and in-depth courseware, is a complete learning solution for all team members, who can start adapting agile for project success and aim for a first time pass of the Certified Disciplined Agilist certification.

  • Introduction to Disciplined Agile (DA)
    • Overview of key concepts
      • Four delivery lifecycles
      • Enterprise awareness
      • Team roles
      • Being agile vs. doing agile
      • The importance of context, and taking a flexible, goal-driven approach
    • Roles and responsibilities of DA team members
    • Team structures for small, medium, large, and geographically distributed teams
  • Inception Phase
    • Key activities for initiating a DA team
      • Initial requirements modeling
      • Initial architecture modeling
      • Initial release planning
      • Strategies for your physical and virtual work environments
      • Initial risk identification
      • Shared vision with your stakeholders
  • Construction Phase
    • Technical strategies for building consumable increments of your solution
      • Test-driven development (TDD)
      • Acceptance TDD
      • How to initiate an iteration/sprint
      • Look-ahead modelling and planning
      • Spikes
      • Regular coordination meetings
      • Continuous integration
      • Continuous deployment
      • Whole-team testing
      • Parallel independent testing
      • Information radiators
      • Kanban boards
      • Burn up charts
    • Traditional Agile Construction: How to address activities such as:
      • Architecture
      •  Analysis
      • Design
      • Testing
      • Management
      • User experience (UX)
  • Transition Phase: Overviews strategies for releasing the solution to your stakeholders
  • Summary
  • IT practitioners new to agile who want to get an effective start at agile solution delivery
  • Existing agile practitioners who want to take it to the next level
  • Senior IT Management who want to gain a deep understanding of how to take a disciplined approach to agile solution delivery
  • Agile practitioners who hope to grade for a Certified Disciplined Agilist or Certified Disciplined Agile Practitioner
From the course:
  • Learn the correct approach to implementing Agile for large scale projects
  • Avoid costly agile adoption mistakes by starting with a full delivery lifecycle
  • Learn all aspects of software delivery such as architecture, design, testing, programming, leadership, quality assurance, data administration
  • Understand how the various stages in a project life cycle, work cohesively
  • Learn to adapt Agile to suit your project and enterprise
  • Gain hands-on experience with agile solution delivery techniques
  • Prepare for the Certified Disciplined Agilist or Certified Disciplined Agile Practitioner tests

From the workshop:

  • 2-days intensive workshop
  • 14 PDUs offered by PMI
  • Course fee includes fees for Certified Disciplined Agilist test (when taken within 30 days of completing the workshop)
  • Practical exercises

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