Kanban is the new generation project management methodology that eliminates many of the redundancies and drawbacks of previous methods. Among the benefits it offers are providing flexibility in the project lifecycle, increasing quality output, reducing cost, and improving flow. These are advantages that every organization needs to get the competitive advantage in this volatile market. Team Kanban Practitioner is a course that introduces one to the basics of the Kanban method and how to prioritize work based on values, clarify service or product delivery, install a continuous improvement attitude, and advance knowledge of Agile practices. These skills will help you successfully implement this ‘alternative path to agility’, which in turn will improve problem solving, manage flow, promote collaboration and experimentation, reduce bottlenecks, and improve business agility to deliver superior quality end products.

Day 1

Introduction to the Kanban Method

Meanings of Kanban

Principles & Practices

Basic Kanban concepts

Visual Board

Lead Time Metrics


Delivery Rate & Little’s Law

Game Simulation


Personal Kanban

Team Kanban

Design a Ticket

Design a Kanban Board

Risk Dimensions

WIP limits

Commitment and Replenishment

Feedback loops – standup & replenishment

Explanation of service delivery workflow Kanban

Proto-Kanban versus full Kanban system

Overview of STATIK


This course is perfect for both those new to Kanban and those who have explored Kanban but who now want to consolidate their knowledge in a practical setting.

In terms of roles the course is aimed at product and project managers, CIO’s, development team members (architects, designers, coders, testers, etc.), business analysts, Scrum Product Owners and ScrumMasters who want to enhance their Lean/agile skillset.

From the Course:

  • Get in-depth knowledge of Kanban principles and its benefits in project implementation
  • Learn the various styles Kanban board and how to choose the best Kanban approach for a situation
  • Learn about Kanban pull systems and the service delivery workflows
  • Understand how Kanban helps in team collaboration
  • Learn the importance of Kanban Management Professionals, the next stage in the ‘alternative path to agility’ journey


From the workshop:

  • 8-hours training by certified industry expert
  • Team Kanban Practitioner Credential and a Certificate of Completion issued by Lean Kanban University
  • Membership in LKU and listing in the LKU Alumni Directory
  • Digital download of David Anderson’s book
  • 8 PDUs and 8 SEUs

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